Three of Ansel Adam’s photographs No. 3



In Redwoods, Adams uses lighting techniques to enhance the presentation of the redwood trees.  The negative space behind the trees provides a frame that allows the redwoods to pop out of the background and demostrate the granduer of these forest giants. 

However it is also the color choice that adds to the visual punch of the photo.  As the Photo Idea Index states, “Color informs, influences, attracts and compels through countless visual and emotional channels” (106).   Here, Adams use of black and white grant the photo a timeless, frozen and regal quality that works to graft a sense of wonder and awe of the redwood trees into the mind of the viewer.  As always and it is important to realize its power, the sharpness of the photo also invites the eye to take time to soak in the totality of the photograph.


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